Mid-Staffordshire Ramblers Group

Centred on Stafford



We provide walks, led by experienced leaders, along public rights of way and anybody over the age of 18 is welcome to join us. You can try us, without joining or paying any fees for up to three walks, after which you would need to join the Ramblers national organisation. A link to their website can be found on our home page.

We try to provide at least one walk of around 10 miles on Sundays and one short walk of around 5 – 8 miles midweek. 

If you look at the home page, at the top of the left hand side, you will see our current walk programme. This gives information about the date, meeting time and place, location, the approximate distance of the walks, a level of difficulty and a very brief description of the walk itself.

Our regular pre walk meeting points are:

  • Penkridge Methodist Church, New Road (off the A449) ST19 5FA :
  • The Wildwood Shopping Centre, Cannock Road, Stafford ST17 4RA

, depending upon where the start of the walk is located.

Alternative locations are sometimes used and these are given on the walk description on our programme and can be confirmed by contacting the walk leader.

From the meeting point we organise car sharing, where the fuel costs are divided between those in the car. If you prefer to drive yourself or go straight to the walk starting point, that would not be a problem.

Nearly all of the walks take place in the countryside and consequently the starting points are usually fairly obscure. If you click on the individual walks you can find a link to a map showing the starting point. Most of us just follow the leading car as we travel in convoy, having received some instructions from the leader, in case we get separated.

We generally stop for a tea or coffee break, in the morning, and if the walk is long enough, a lunch break.

The pace of the walk is not demanding and is based on the capabilities of the slowest walker.

You can expect to have to negotiate stiles between fields and hills of various heights but any reasonably active person should be able to walk any of the walks labelled ‘M’, for moderate, on the programme.

During the course of the walk you will have ample opportunity to get to know your fellow walkers, should you wish to do so. You will find us a very nice group of people and after a few walks you can expect to find that you will have made many new friends.


DSC03162-800Most experienced ramblers are kitted out with a rucksack, in which they will often carry a flask of tea or coffee and, if necessary, their lunch. We do occasionally stop, during the walk, at a tearoom or pub, but usually we have our breaks in ‘the field’. 

They also carry various items of protective clothing, in case of a change in the weather, and always sufficient water to last the length of the walk.

As a beginner, trying out rambling, you should at least look to wear good footwear suitable for rough and possibly muddy terrain, which should include a pair of walking socks.

In terms of clothing, you need to wear or carry items which are appropriate to the weather likely to be encountered, with some thought given to ‘worst case scenario’. That said, it is not necessary to spend heavily on new equipment. Just be sensible. As you become more experienced you will find yourself kitting yourself out with proper walking gear but there is no need to buy before you are sure that you want to become a rambler.

·  Walk gradings are provided as a general guide only. If you have any doubt about your fitness for a particular walk please contact the organiser or leader in advance.

·  Bear in mind the distance of the walk, regional differences in terrain and the possibility of bad weather, which can make a walk more difficult than planned.

·  If you're unsure of your fitness level, try a short and easy walk first - it's much better to find a walk a little too slow and easy than to make yourself miserable and exhausted.

·  Leaders may refuse to accept participants who in their opinion are inadequately equipped or unfit.- See more at: http://www.ramblers.org.uk/go-walking/find-a-walk/walks-grading.aspx#sthash.gIoNgByQ.dpuf

Where we walk

We are very fortunate to be based close to excellent countryside in Staffordshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire and Worcestershire. Sometimes we go slightly further afield by edging into Wales and of course our longer trips can range anyway in the country, wherever good walking is available.

Unofficial, ‘off the programme’ walks, are also often organised between small groups of members and this has recently included holidays in this country and abroad.

If you check out our ‘Photographs’ section then you can get a very good impression of the kind of countryside to be enjoyed

How do I start?

In the first instance, please contact our club secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will forward a welcome pack. Alternatively, choose a walk and contact the walk leader, who will be pleased to give you any information that you may require.

Friday, April 27, 2018