Mid-Staffordshire Ramblers Group

Centred on Stafford

Most experienced ramblers are kitted out with a rucksack, in which they will often carry a flask of tea or coffee and, if necessary, their lunch. We do occasionally stop, during the walk, at a tearoom or pub, but usually we have our breaks in ‘the field’. 

They also carry various items of protective clothing, in case of a change in the weather, and always sufficient water to last the length of the walk.

As a beginner, trying out rambling, you should at least look to wear good footwear suitable for rough and possibly muddy terrain, which should include a pair of walking socks.

In terms of clothing, you need to wear or carry items which are appropriate to the weather likely to be encountered, with some thought given to ‘worst case scenario’. That said, it is not necessary to spend heavily on new equipment. Just be sensible. As you become more experienced you will find yourself kitting yourself out with proper walking gear but there is no need to buy before you are sure that you want to become a rambler.

Saturday, December 15, 2018